The Aerial Photography company

Our story

Art from above is a way to describe what we capture, we are photographers firstly, who have chosen to use drone technology to create exciting and stunning results, with our main focus to produce quality premium posters and fine art prints for wall hangings . We also decided to work solely around the UK, to showcase the amazing and diverse landscapes of this island.

The three of us Nigel, Jon and Mikey all have different skills and backgrounds to bring to the table, so we can complement each other, we also Run our other drone company for corporate and industrial work

Nigel Christian is our Director of Photography with decades of experience in commercial and editorial work around the world. Starting his photographic career as a fashion photographer, moving into portraiture and advertising assignments around the globe for such clients a Nike, Levis, The Times, Guardian, Observer,ID, Rimmel to name a few


Mainly, we use an Inspire 2 drone, most importantly an X7 camera with 50mm and 35mm lenses, this affords us the ability to create large poster and prints with great clarity and tone and in certain situations, we use Matrix 200 with Nikon or Canon cameras and lenses.